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Shenzhen Toshikatsu precision machinery limited
Business phone: 0755-26640799
Add: room 802, Shandong building, Nanhai Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Factory address: fengtang 162th, Fuyong town, Baoan district, Shenzhen City Industrial Park, Haoye Rd, xixiang town, first floor of building c
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General workers for men and women:

1, male or female, 20, of age (20~30sui) middle school, or high school culture, requires very serious, careful and responsible.

2, salary: basic salary 1200 Yuan/month, 26 days, and my work is RMB 6 yuan/hour on Sunday 8/per hour. Accommodation Hostel in beautiful surroundings.

QC-quality leader:

1, male or female, to recruit 3, age (20~30zhousui).

2, job requirements: have QC management experience, know how to use a variety of measuring instruments, hardware QC working experience is preferred.


1, male or female, to hire 5, age (20~30zhousui)

2, job requirements: self-starter, good communication skills, good work coordination the Office software can operate. There is more than one year work experience.

IPQC inspectors:

1, male or female, to hire 5, age (20~30zhousui)

2, job requirements: using correlation detection tool, hardware-related quality worker takes precedence.


1, male or female, to hire 6, age (20~45zhousui)

2, job requirements: cheerful, positive self-motivated, good communication, good organization and coordination ability.

1, number: 3-5, academic level: College full-time college
2, professional requirements: machine manufacture, powder metallurgy
3, familiar with the WORD\EXECL Office software operation.
4, proficient in AutoCAD drawing and 3D software.
5, have some ability to analyse and solve problems.

Business Assistant:
1, full-time Bachelor degree, more than two years of work experience;
2, skilled, English speaking, translation, foreign trade knowledge have a certain priority;
3, strong communication skills, effective team cooperation spirit;
4, proficiency in OFFICE software and Internet applications, and have a driver's license is preferred.
Above positions upon hiring, treatment favorably!

Company name: Shenzhen Toshikatsu precision machinery limited

Address: Baoan, tangwei, Fuyong Phoenix industrial park, Haoye Rd, xixiang Avenue, first floor of building c

Tel: 0755-29597582, 83, contact: Miss/Miss

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